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Hebbardesque Records - 1988 (Vinyl Release)

ZNR Records - 1996 (CD w/bonus tracks)

ZNR Records, in conjunction with Alonesoul Studios, are proud to offer the free MP3 download of "Happy Accidents", the Rascal Reporters critically acclaimed progressive masterpiece (click here for album reviews).  This album features an all star cast of guest progressive   musicians: Nick Didkovsky (Dr. Nerve), James Grigsby & Dave Kerman (U Totem), Dave Newhouse (Muffins), and Guy Segers (Univers Zero), as well as Steve Feigenbaum from Cuneiform Records.

This MP3 album is based on the original release and is subdivided into two musical suites "Weigh in on the Way-Out" (featuring "Pilgrim's Pride", "The Chalky Substance Variations", and "Karen's Chalky Pilgrim") and "Trucks" (featuring "Thunderstruck" and "Moonstruck").

To download this album for free, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.  If you want to purchase this album on CD, which also includes the critically acclaimed progressive opus "Stabbing At Air" written by Steve Gore especially for the CD release, click here to go to the ZNR Records website.

Why are we offering it for free?  Basically we at  Alonesoul Studio feel the Rascal Reporters are one of music's overlooked jewels and we intend the 21st century to belong to them.   By exposing you to free archival material on the Internet, and building up the name recognition, we feel you will be more apt to buy releases from ZNR Records as well as archival collections from Alonesoul Studio.


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  • Once you activate your Free Disk Space account using their activation procedure, (yes, it is free with no weird spamming), click here to download the album; don't forget, the password is freealbum

  • Download, listen, and enjoy.

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